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Landlord-Tenant Disputes

As a business owner, unless you own your place of business, chances are you lease your business space. If so, you probably are under a commercial lease. While most commercial leases contain terms and provisions that are common, a commercial lease can contain terms and conditions that are unique to your particular business type. Texas commercial leases can be very complicated, depending on whether you are leasing a shopping strip, a professional building, a warehouse office, or shopping mall lease. Commercial leases oftentimes contain terms of art that have a very specific meaning and legal significance. If you are unsure about your rights or obligations under your commercial lease, or if you are about to enter into a commercial lease, contact the Houston Commercial Lease Agreement Attorneys and the Houston Landlord Tenant Lawyers at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham for a consultation to help understand the nuances of your particular lease.

Our Houston Commercial Lease Contract Attorneys and our West Houston Commercial Lease Litigation Lawyers are experienced in drafting, reviewing, and litigating commercial property contracts. Some of the common concepts in a commercial lease that our Houston Lease Agreement Attorneys previously assisted our clients are the right of cancellation; right to sublease; lease renewal rights and conditions; entry onto the leased premises by the landlord; insurance obligations; security deposit; lease term and rate; utility responsibilities; and hours of operation. All of these issues are conditions or situations that arise in most every commercial lease and need to be negotiated to fit the particular needs of the business. Failure to fully understand the legal impact of these matters can cause a business owner potential losses. Our Houston Lease Agreement Attorneys and our Southwest Houston Lease Contract Lawyers have assisted clients in reviewing and drafting commercial contracts for shopping strips, shopping malls, professional office spaces, for properties that are under constructions. Please contact our Houston Landlord Tenant Dispute Attorneys can be reached at 713-517-6645 for assistance.

Vague and Ambiguous Lease Contracts

In many Texas commercial lease agreements, it is common that the terms of lease are vague and contains languages that are ambiguous. This is particular true in new and developing properties. Typically, landlords do not start on construction projects until a percentage of the intended property are leased to tenants. Landlords use the lease contracts to develop their business plans and as securities in obtaining loans for such construction project. However, properties that are under development depend on a variety of factors as to when the space is rentable or when the tenant can take possession of the leased premise such as the ability of the landlord to secure loans, the availability of general contractors and sub-contractors, as well as acts of God. As such, these commercial contracts are intended to be vague and ambiguous as to the time and date in which a tenant can take possession.

While such contracts benefit the property owners and the landlords, it does little to help tenants in planning his or her business. Furthermore, such contracts can bind tenants into the terms of the agreement, delaying tenants from taking possession of the property, and hinder business owners the ability to operate their businesses. For example, a tenant who entered into a vague contract regarding the start date of the lease and when he or she can take possession of same may not be able to breach the contract even if the construction is delayed for one year. The tenant cannot sign a new lease with another property because of the pending lease because of the potential liability for a breach of the lease contract. However, without breaking the lease, the business owner cannot operate his or her business. Because of these potential issues, be sure to contact our Houston Commercial Lease Agreement Attorneys and our West Houston Business Lease Contract Lawyers for counseling prior to entering any lease agreements. Languages can betray the intent of both parties and hinder the ability for you to operate your business.

In addition to the above. even if you enter into a lease with full awareness of its terms and conditions, disputes can still arise between the landlord and tenant over the terms of the lease or their interpretation. Common disputes between a landlord and tenant concern how the property can be used, business interruption, and events surrounding loss and so on. In certain circumstances, landlord-tenant disputes can be worked out directly between the parties. However, there are also times when litigation is necessary. It is during these times that experienced counsel is necessary. If you are in a lease dispute as a landlord or a tenant, our experienced West Houston Landlord Tenant Dispute Attorneys and our Southwest Houston Commercial Lease Lawyers at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham can assist you. We have successfully represented clients in commercial and tresidential eviction actions, forcible detainer actions and commercial lease negotiations. Contact our Houston Landlord Tenant Lease Agreement Lawyers and our Southwest Houston Lease Dispute Attorneys today for a consultation regarding your commercial lease issues.


Each commercial litigation suit is unique depending on the fact and the contract, if any, in which you agreed and signed with the opposing party.  You should NOT rely on the information on of this web site in replacing a personal consultation with an experienced Houston Business Litigation Lawyers and the West Houston Commercial Litigation Attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham  There may be legal issues in which you may not be aware. Please feel free to contact our Houston Civil Litigation Attorneys and our Houston Business Dispute Lawyers at the Law Offices of Steven Tuan Pham today at 713-517-6645 or complete our Contact Form.